Meet Brady & Katyryna. Plant-Based Travel Bloggers, Vloggers, and Content Strategists. 


We're a plant-based couple based out of Northern Ontario who tries their best to reduce their impact on planet earth. 


We are using our photography, videography and graphic design skills to shine light on companies and lifestyle choices that can make the world a better place.

Meet Katyryna

Recipe Guru. Graphic Artist. Travel Enthusiast.

Katyryna has always been fascinated with natural systems and decided to study biology at her hometown university. During her studies, she learned about the human body, nutrition, and the environment.


Upon discovering that animal agriculture has been linked to the declining health of Western Civilizations and ecosystems around the world, Katyryna decided to look for another way to nourish her body.

While traveling the world, Katyryna discovered a passion for photography, videography and international cuisine. She plans on sharing tips on how to travel the world as a vegan, and in the future, she dreams about releasing a plant-based cookbook.


Meet Brady

Professional Taste Tester. Adventure Junkie. Photographer.

Brady grew up in Southern Ontario and for the past 10 years, he has called Northern Ontario home.


Brady's plant-based journey started in 2016 after a month-long trip though China. Upon arriving home, Brady experienced something incredible, he was suddenly allergic to dairy. With his newfound allergy in combination with watching countless documentaries about the health and environmental impact of a standard American diet, he made a decision to switch to a whole food plant-based diet (W.F.P.B).

Brady has leveraged his skills in photography, videography, and business consulting to provide value to international clients who are seeking to market to travelling millennials.


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