How to Get the Best View of Hong Kong

Updated: Oct 6, 2018

We have searched high and low for the best lookout spots in Hong Kong, head on over for the prettiest sights of this massive metropolis!

Wondering through the streets of Hong Kong can certainly overwhelm your senses. The city overflows with energy and vibrance, everywhere you look you will see flashy neon lights, crowded alley markets, and subways that run like clockwork. You will immediately notice the staggering numbers of high-rise buildings that line every available square-foot of land. Every once in a while you may notice a slice of the nearby jungle covered mountains through the skyscraper canyons.

It's little known that Hong Kong is actually surrounded by incredible lush mountains, and gorgeous backdrops. Escape the everyday hustle and bustle of town, and search for high grounds, you'll get a much better sense of the creative engineering that has gone into making Hong Kong so efficient.

If you want to escape the chaos of being on ground-level, you should definitely check out Victoria's Peak or, "The Peak" as it is known locally. You will have the pleasure of seeing the beautiful skyline among the 200+ islands that make up Hong Kong from the nation's highest point. You can get to the top of Victoria Peak by taking The Peak Tram. The Tram is only $100 HKD or $16 CAD for a return ticket - which is a pretty good deal if you like amazing views!. This peak comes with great significance to the area, in the 1800's, citizens of Great Britain settled in these hills and many needed to be carried to the top via sedan chairs, human-powered transport. Talk about skipping leg day!

Lion's Pavilion - Victoria Peak, Hong Kong, China

When you hop onto the tram try to get a window seat on the right-hand side. You'll be rewarded with a climbing view of the city below. When you reach the top you will exit into a maze-like shopping mall. We don't have any tips on how to find your way out of this mall, truth be told, we aren't even sure how we got out of it ourselves! Once you find the exit - you will eventually - try to make your way to the Lion's Pavilion (photo above). It's a great viewing platform that overlooks mainland Hong Kong, Hong Kong island and Victoria Harbour. If you're hungry, this would be a good time to break out your lunches or swing by one of the nearby restaurants. The Look is a great stop for a pint of beer while overlooking the bustling city below. If you are a picnic-type of person, save your lunch and make your way to the Victoria Park Garden.

If you are one for wanting to make the most out of this excursion, you should take a stroll down Lugard Road. There is a lookout past Mount Austin Road where you can catch a few glimpses of the rest of the harbour. At this point you have two options:

1) Turn around and walk up Mount Austin Road to get to the Victoria Peak Garden quickly. 2) Continue along your way to see more amazing views and finish at Victoria Peak Garden. If you choose this option, you will eventually come to a junction. Hatton road takes you to the Pinewood Battery, which was used in 1901 during the Battle for Hong Kong and in 1941 during World War II. There is an unmarked trail to your left which takes you to the Victoria Peak Garden. The Harlech Road trail takes you back to the trolly and there aren't many notable views from this route. The Treacherous Trail takes you to a beautiful lookout overlooking the South China Sea. If you're all about the views, you should walk along Luggard Road to the Treacherous Trail, then back to the unmarked trail to the Victoria Park Garden - if you can find it - then finally through the gardens to the Victoria Peak Transmitting Station. For the absolute best views try to go early in the morning, or in the evening before sundown. Try to avoid going on rainy days, and days with smog warnings, because you won't get much of a view. Before you go, make sure that you pack your camera, water bottles and a couple granola bars!




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