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Updated: Apr 4, 2019

Make your way through this Nordic city on an epic vegan food tour packed with insider tips, and vegan accommodation!

Stockholm is the perfect place to travel for all things foodie. I'm not sure why Stockholm hasn't been dubbed the food capital of the world yet, because it seriously has endless options for every type of cuisine imaginable! Wander the streets aimlessly and you'll be sure to stumble upon a handful of restaurants that are vegan-friendly and absolutely delicious!

The city is spread across many islands and is the capital of all things cool, similar to the artsy culture you'd find in Melbourne. We've put together a massive list of vegan places to coordinate into your stay, and they will not disappoint! Your tour around the city will be full of award-winning architecture and effortless natural beauty, so pin these places on Google Maps and bring your appetite!

At the end of your day, the only thing you want is a comfortable place to sleep. This post has the best vegan-friendly hotels and hostels listed at the bottom, so check it out, and indulge in those continental breakfasts!

TIP: Most cafe's in Stockholm will gladly offer a vast array of plant-based milks, anything from oat, soy, almond, etc. You will easily find creamy coffee every morning without putting too much effort into sneaking around to find the perfect vegan-friendly latte.


Greasy Spoon - The most delicious all-day breakfast and brunch spot. Complete with the best vegan options such as tofu scramble, vegan sausage, pancakes, and of course avocado toast.

Alskade Traditioner - This fancy little place is home to all the Swedish comfort food you could imagine. You'll find anything from cookies, to pies and brownies. This cafe is known to locals in Stockholm for the massive amounts of delicious waffles they cook up. Find options that are sweet or savoury and enjoy the comfort in knowing that you will be able to find some vegan options as well!

Choij's Pancake Cafe - Well if the name doesn't already give it away to you, this is a most prized pancake house! Discover amazing new flavours and toppings all with a neat Swedish twist.


Matapoteket- This hip little place will have you sticking to that wholefoods plant based diet with ease. Everything here is made with incredibly wholesome ingredients and will make your mouth water. Grab wraps, bowls, and the tastiest smoothies from Matapoteket and feel great knowing that you filled up on a healthy, hardy meal!

Kafe 44 - Get your burger fix at this incredibly cute and modern burger joint. Enjoy mix-matching some unique toppings, or stick to the traditional American style burger. Whatever you fancy, make sure you indulge because this place makes the best plant-based patties!

Taku Taku - If you love food that packs a punch of spice, then don't shy away from the street food in Stockholm. This local charm is a quick way to experience this Swedish tradition and indulge. Load up on some tacos, burritos and salad bowls, and don't forget to grab an extra to go! You won't be disappointed!

Delivore - Ever tried a mac'n'cheese sandwich? Now is your chance, this vegan menu is complete with a ton of creative dishes and will satisfy any of your comfort food cravings. Everything here is diner-style with an upbeat atmosphere.

Bagel St. Cafe - With tons of locations scattered throughout the city, this is the place to go if you want to grab a trusty bagel and coffee. Vegan options available make this place even better, so you you're in a time crunch, make sure to swing by!

Holy Cow - The best thing about this restaurant is that you'll find it on more than one island! Leave here with a belly full of the absolute best traditional Indian food you've ever tasted. You won't find any meat on the entire menu, but make sure to clarify with your waiter that you don't eat dairy, because the vegan-friendly options are endless!

Hermans - Make sure that you call in advance or visit the website in order to reserve a seat at this gorgeous restaurant, because it gets busy and for good reason! Here you will find a full vegan buffet packed with comfort foods and decadent desserts. Enjoy the most glorious views of Stockholm while stuffing your face!

Kokyo - Have you ever tried tofu made in house? Well now is your chance, head over to Kokyo for the freshest tofu you've ever tasted, and your own vegan menu to boot! Try the popular dumplings and spring rolls and other traditional Chinese dishes Before you leave, don't forget to test out the chocolate tofu dessert!

Loawai - This is one of the fancier restaurants on the list, so make sure that you call to make a reservation the day before if you want to go all out and try this vegan Chinese food! This place will not disappoint your taste buds. Chinese food is one of those things that is quickly given up by vegans all over the world, because traditionally the vegetables are cooked in chicken broth. You don't have to worry about that here! Everything you will see on the menu the fit for the vegan foodie!

The Plant - Want to get some fast food, but don't want to squash your attempts at healthy eating? Look no further. The Plant is home to healthy fast food, so you can indulge and feel good about it. You'll find veggie burgers, pita and hummus, and wholesome salads here! Place an order online for an ultra-quick option!

Pizzeria Fellini - Swing by Pizzaria Fellini for, you guessed it, vegan pizza. Try out some fresh faux meat & a variety of veggie cheeses. This pizza is everything you could wish for back home, from crust to toppings, you will be wanting to save some for leftovers. If you want to try a pizza with a Swedish twist, you must try the Nypans Special, it features faux chicken and bananas.


Stikki Nikki - This is the place to come for a double scoop of your favourite gelato. Although not all flavours are vegan, you will find a good variety to choose from. All of the gelato you will find here is made fresh in-house so you know it's made with only the best ingredients. Keep your eyes open for the many locations around the city, and swing by for a sweet treat!

Hornstull Bagar'n - You'll have to put Google Maps to work with this one. This famous bakery is located inside a maze of metro tunnels. The cinnamon buns alone are worth the hunt, and of course they're vegan friendly. If you make it to this delicious little hideaway, make sure to try the traditional Biskvier a chewy cookie with creamy mousse on top, covered in chocolate.

Delivore - You may have noticed that I've added Delivore to this list more than once. This vegan restaurant is famous for more than just their diner-style meals, get your hands on a mylkshake!

Vetekatten - One of Stockholm's oldest bakeries is home to some pretty popular vegan treats. Stock up on some buns for the week, and don't forget to grab a good variety of muffins for a quick breakfast!

Sattva Naturbageriet - A classic bakery with a bunch of interesting vegan options. This place has more than sweet treats, you'll also come across some savoury options!


Goodstore - Swing by and bring that reusable grocery bag with you. This store is packed with all things vegan. From makeup, to laundry supplies, and of course food, this is the ultimate place to stock up!


Radisson Blu Royal Park Hotel - This hotel is equipped with the best amenities and the coziest beds. If you're looking to book a room with a vegan friendly restaurant onsite, look no further. This giant buffet has vegan options available for every meal so you'll never have to worry about going hungry.

Crystal Plaza Hotel - This is not just another chain hotel. Here you will find classy rooms and beautiful views. Did I mention that the lovely onsite Restaurant Ming is going to keep your belly full of some awesome vegan food? All you have to do is specify your diet requirements at the time of booking and they will be happy to accommodate.

City Hostel - Okay this place doesn't actually serve vegan food, but it's got a pretty nice kitchen for you to do some cooking of your own. The rooms are pleasant and the amenities are comfortable. This is the best place to rest your head if you are visiting Stockholm on a budget!

Hostel City Lodge - Free pasta? I think so. Book a few nights at this hostel and you'll be pleased with the food! They offer a free breakfast with booking as well and you'll be able to find some vegan options.




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