11 Travel Products EVERY woman needs!

Updated: Sep 27, 2018

Alright fellas, this post is for the travel savvy ladies out there. Don’t worry we will post one for you eventually, but you know, ladies first and all.

So ladies, this post is all about lady stuff that I HIGHLY recommend you bring along with you on any trip so that you don’t run into any problems on the road. I pack these everywhere I go, just for piece of mind that I am truly prepared for any situation. Also this list is great because it gives you tons of tips on how to save space in your luggage for extra clothing – or if you’re like me, extra snacks.

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These are products that I personally use and recommend, I don't have any affiliation with the companies who make them. I am giving you this advice based on my own experience.

1. Menstrual Cup- I know that with the whole zero-waste movement menstrual cups have been getting serious hype this past little while. It’s all for a good reason though, they work really well!

Now I wouldn’t recommend that you try to use a cup for your first time while on a trip - in all seriousness it took me a good few months to get the hang of it - but after you know what you’re doing it’s great for travel! You won’t have to be worrying about going to the washroom every hour. These will also save you from worrying about finding tampons in a country you are unfamiliar with, some places simply do not sell tampons.

All you have to do is boil it to clean it properly, or what I do when I'm travelling is just get some boiled water and let it sit in there until the water cools – which works great for hostels when you don’t want everyone to know that you’re using a community food pot to boil your menstrual cup.

I use the Diva Cup, which you can purchase here!

2. LIVIA – This baby, is something I cannot live without. You may not have heard about it at all, so let me fill you in. Livia is a device that relieves menstrual cramps. The device sends electrical pulses to the area of pain, this distracts the nerves and relieves most of the pain. To use it, all you need to do is charge it up, plug in the electrodes, stick the electrodes to your belly, and turn it on. After that, clip it onto your pants, put on a baggy shirt and no one will know it’s there!

Livia is great because it’s small, and can be packed into your bag without taking up much space. It can replace a hot water bottle, heat pads, and pain medication. The charge on this things lasts a long time too.

It also works! I normally have serious issues with pain during my time of the month, and I was afraid to travel because of it. What would I do if I’m on a flight and get my period and I’m in serious pain and want to cry? Or what if we have an epic day of hiking in the Himalayas and I have to cancel to stay in my dirty hostel bed unable to move from the pain? Just thinking of that makes me cringe.

Get Livia here!

3. Lunapads - Reusable Pads and Panty Liners - I bring a couple of these with me on every trip, just in case I need them - I just can't fully commit to the cup. So that’s where these come in handy. They are good for those lazier days. You can easily hand wash them and hang them to dry before reusing them, they are pretty hassle free as long as you can find yourself a private sink to wash them in. Buy Lunapads here!

Cotton pads (top left), Natural Cycles Thermometer (centre), Cotton Panty Liner (top right), Livia (bottom left), Diva Cup (bottom right).

4. Arcteryx Atom Jacket - Seriously, I would recommend this to both males and females. This jacket is wind and water repellent (although it isn’t a raincoat) it’s more of a mid-layer, great over a long sleeve and under a rain jacket. I’ve worn this on long plane rides, and it’s just as comfy as a hoodie. Arcteryx did a great job at making this product a woman’s fit. It hugs all your curves properly and you can lift your arm straight up without having to worry about exposing your belly- talk about innovation!

5. Peppermint Halo - This roll on stick from Saje is amazing at relieving pain from headaches and eye strain. It’s also nice to have on hand when you are trying to relax.

It’s small and portable and you can use it anywhere, anytime. It definitely beats needing to bring painkillers around with you.

Find it on Saje's website!

6. Arcteryx Beta SL Jacket - I’d be seriously lost if I didn’t vouch for this product. Everywhere you travel, you should bring this jacket. It is made with Gore-Tex so it's windproof and waterproof while being breathable. This makes it perfect for a cool windy day or a rainstorm because it cuts the wind and keeps you dry! Yeah, sure you need to give it more care than a typical raincoat - Techwash anyone - but I do that probably one to two times a year when I get back home and it’s good to go for another while of travelling. Arcteryx is known for top quality performance gear and they stand behind their products with outstanding warranties and customer service.

Find your jacket in 7 cute colours on Amazon!

7. Turkish Towel - It might be weird to say this but this towel is big, and it packs small. Seriously it packs down to about the size of a 1L bottle and expands to be a full-size beach towel. I've used it for multiple purposes – blanket, shawl, sarong, bottom sheet, pillow, the list goes on. They are made of fabrics that are quick to dry and also don’t get smelly after multiple uses.

You can find them here!

8. Bar Shampoo and Conditioner - Your answer to being able to bring a lot of hair products on a plane without having to check your bag. The shampoo and conditioner bars from Lush can be used for over 60 washes! I’ve had one last almost a full year. They are small and versatile too, when I picked up one for the first time, I bought some tin containers for them to go in, which have proven to be of great assistance. Find them at Lush!

These are also a great way for me to boast about all the cool zero waste life hacks I’ve been trying to incorporate into my daily life!

From left: Seanik shampoo bar, Jungle solid conditioner

9. Rose water - The most inexpensive face toner out there. It keeps me feeling fresh, and it keeps my face moisturized and clear. I find sometimes when I travel that I start neglecting my skincare routine. Bringing some rosewater to spray on my face after a long, sweaty day really helps me to keep on top of things.

Buy it on Amazon!

10. Glass Nail File- The ultimate reusable bad boy out there. I’ve had mine over 2 years and it never gets dull. I don’t think I need to explain to anyone why it might be handy to have a nail file tag along with you while you backpack through the jungle right?

My only tip with this one is maybe wash it with some soapy water every now and again, and try not to drop it or it will break!

11. Natural Cycles - Last, but certainly not least, I have long fought with the symptoms that came along with using hormonal birth control. Before I really started to be serious about travelling, I got off the pill and began to reap the benefits of having my own hormones dictate my monthly schedule. Obviously this option isn’t for anyone, but I like using this method because all I need is a tiny thermometer, and a decent sleep schedule.

Simply wake up, measure your temperature, and enter it into the app. Natural Cycles will easily and accurately predict when you ovulate and let you know when it’s safe to get down and dirty. You don’t even have to measure every single day, as long as you measure about 70% of the time, the app will be able to make accurate predictions. Find more info here!

I hope that you enjoy this list of products I've come up with. I remember while planning my first few trips I searched long and hard for a similar list and had no luck. If you have any other products that you absolutely must bring along with you on your journeys I'd love to hear them!




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