How to Use Happy Cow to Find Amazing Vegan Restaurants

Happy Cow will be your best friend whenever you're on the road or exploring new territory.

We came across the handy website and app a few years ago when we made the switch to ditch dairy, eggs and meat. Before Happy Cow, we found it insanely difficult to find out where to go to get a vegan meal while we were away from your hometown. The Website uses user-generated content to map out each and every vegan hot spot in cities around the world. Even a city that doesn't have fully vegan restaurants will have a list of suggestions on what to order at a meat-friendly establishment. I can't express enough how valuable this information is.

Happy Cow has more than just restaurant and store information. It boast easy to follow user-generated recipes, a blog full of useful tips and stories, travel tips, vegan nutrition FAQ's, and more!

This post will teach you everything we know about using this website. After reading this, you'll be full of confidence when you leave your hometown and get on the road. You can even pin addresses of restaurants in your custom Google Maps to make sure that you'll never forget how many awesome restaurants are in the area!

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How to use Happy Cow

Simply visit HappyCow.Net on your desktop, tablet or mobile to view restaurant and stores nearby. If you're always carrying your phone around, download the app - it's easier to view when you're on the go. When you visit Happy Cow, you will get nearby restaurants suggested to you based off of your device's location. If you have your location settings turned off on your phone, no need to worry. There is a handy search function that allows you to search by city, region or postal/zipcode. Your results will be displayed to you on a map and list view on desktop and either just map or just list view on your mobile. You will need to switch between both depending on your preferences. Filter your search result to find exactly what you're looking for. Whether you're in the mood for a vegan pastry, a quaint plant-based B&B, or a restaurant to take vegans and meat-eaters alike, your search terms will be your best friend. After selecting your search criteria your results will be filtered for your search area.

Here are a couple tips to use Happy Cow more effectively.

1) Download the Happy Cow app. No, this is not a paid endorsement. We just love sharing something we find to be valuable in our lives. This handy app is a perfect companion for the road trip passenger who is trying to fend off the hungry driver from pulling over for literally anything.

2) Use Map View. If you're one for getting overwhelmed by scrolling through giant lists, then map view is for you. Standard on desktop, the map view format on mobile is extremely helpful when you're trying to find good grub, especially if you're looking for something close by.

3) Prepare ahead of time.

When booking a trip, we often jot down restaurants in the area we will be visiting so there's less leg work for us when we are in the middle of exploring.

4) Food for the whole family

If you're family is like ours, then you'll have a mix of vegans, vegetarians and omnivores. When we're getting together for a family meal, we search for veg-option and vegetarian restaurants with the search criteria. This ensures that there is a few vegan options, vegetarian options and options for those who still consume animal products. Otherwise you can do what we do and make plans at a fully vegan restaurant and not tell anyone until they get there!

5) Contribute. We don't necessarily mean contribute financially to Happy Cow, although they have a "Feed the Cow" section where you can support their mission... We mean leave reviews, take photos of your badass meal, and if a restaurant doesn't have a listing - add one for them! You'll be helping fellow customers find the restaurant that you love.

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