Who are the Nomadic Herbivores

Updated: Sep 27, 2018

Just a little about us and why we got started, and what motivates us!

Parc National d'Aiguebelle

Our mutual passions for travel, good food, and the environment prompted us to start this blog. We hope that through our writings we are able to help you live as sustainably as you can. We are inspired to educate you on pressing issues that affect the planet. We want to educate you on everything related to vegan travel, and give you tips to help keep you on track with the most nutritious diet out the - the whole foods, plant-based diet!

Ultimately, we want to keep our home healthy, we want future generations to live long, healthy lives. Being a conscious consumer is vital in order to preserve the natural world. Our actions are the cause of a lot of destruction, and it is through our actions that we might have a chance to repair, regrow, and thrive.
The Resilience of Nature: Moss growing inside of a plastic single-use water bottle.

Over the years we have adopted a lifestyle that is untraditional - although becoming more popular - to most. We have learned how to make our lives more sustainable, while nurturing our need for adventure. By reducing household waste, adopting a composting system, growing our own food & saying no to single-use plastic, we have become more aware of our consumption. We have changed the way we eat, the way we consume and the way we enjoy adventure.

The Resilience of Nature: Moss growing inside of a plastic single-use water bottle.

This change didn't happen overnight, at one time we were naive university students, contributing to society how we deemed fit. There was a point in time where we frequently paid for bottled water, and ate foods that were not good for us - or the environment. Slowly overtime, as we dug deeper into our passions, we changed our approach to life. Some of the methods we tried worked in well with our lifestyle, others did not. We are consistently trying out new things, and brainstorming new ways to increase our sense of purpose.

We are avid, fervent travellers. We hope to one day see every nook and cranny on planet earth and have as many experiences as we possibly can in this life. It is through experiences that our perspectives can change. Since fully adopting a plant-based diet, we have realized that it's sometimes a difficult change, especially when it comes to travel. We have made sacrifices, and learned a lot along the way. Let us share with you what we have learned about travelling the world as a vegan. Let's spread the word that Veganism is a growing trend and hopefully it becomes more and more widely accepted.

No single person is able to change the world, but every small change we make can lead to big things. To whoever is reading this, you are a global citizen, forget borders, religion and made-up races, we are all human and we need to all be conscious of this. If our writings inspire you to make even the smallest change, then we have accomplished all that we strive for.

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