Packing List for a Trip to Australia

Be prepared for anything and everything with this complete packing list for Australia. Don't forget your snorkel gear!

It can be so difficult to decide what to bring to a country that you are unfamiliar with. Will it rain? How many bathing suits should I pack? Will I need a sweater? These are all questions that you may commonly ask yourself when planning a trip. If you plan on going to Australia and touring around the country whether, by car, by plane, or by bus, you will need to make sure you have all the essentials, and at the same time make sure that you cut out those unnecessary items we all have this strange urge to pack.

This packing list includes absolutely everything that you will need to remember to enjoy your trip down under! The rule of thumb - and I'm sure you've heard this before - pack everything you need, and then remove half of it. I'm serious here, the last thing that you want to be doing is carting around a bunch of unneeded clothes. This is especially true if you will be carrying all your belongings on your back! We have included links to our favourite products as well, so if you need an item on this list be sure to check out our suggestions.

If you are a female reading this and you want to be extra prepared for anything that mother nature may throw your way, check out this complete list, outlining the products that every woman needs to bring with her while travelling.

*We are not affiliated with any brands listed in this article.

For Backpackers:

If you plan on backpacking through the country, make sure that the backpack you purchase is a good size and fit. You can determine the appropriate size (listed in litres) based on length of travel, as well as speciality gear you might need. For example, if you have a camera that takes up a lot of space, and you're bringing your laptop, and maybe some gear for a specific activity, then your bag will need to be bigger. If this is your first time purchasing a backpack, try and go to a store near you that will specialize in fitting you with the proper bag.

Personally our travelling style is very minimalist. We each have a 20L backpack which works great as a day bag. As well we each bring a 36-40L Osprey Backpack which carries the majority of our clothing and gear. We use these bags for most of our trips. If we plan on leaving the country for a very extended period of time (2 months or more) we will bring our larger 50L bags.

TIP: Before you purchase, walk around with the bag on, get a feel for the size, and for the straps and clips. When you get home fill it up with everything you plan on packing, walk around the block a few times - I'm serious. You will be doing more walking and standing with that thing on your back then you plan to do. If you're sore or tired after a few minutes, you may want to consider either packing less, or getting a smaller pack.


1 x Daypack - 15-25L should be fine

1 x Large Backpack - 40-60L is ideal for most travellers - Support our blog by using our Amazon Portal for Osprey Gear!

TIP: Try to decide if you will be checking your bags or not. If you decide against it, you should look for a smaller pack so that you don't need to worry about exceeding the size and weight limits on the plane. A smaller bag has it benefits too, it will easily fit in hostel lockers and in plane carry-on cupboards.


1 x Flip flops - You'll find these useful mostly for hostel showers, and for all the beaches you will be hanging out at!

1 x Running shoes - Pack hiking boots instead if you're planning on visiting trails.

1 x Casual shoes - optional

TIP: When choosing the proper footwear, think about what activities you will be doing on the trip. If you will be in nature often, pick some comfortable hiking boots, for city explorers, opt for some versatile, comfortable shoes. Remember you will be walking a lot!


We tend to pack clothes that are lightweight, versatile, and quick dry. This way we can use all of our clothing more than once and when we need to wash them, they can be dry for the next wear in no time. Make sure all of your clothing matches and keep your layering game strong. Layering clothing is a great way to keep you travelling light, while being prepared for anything.

1 x Pair of jeans - and maybe one pair of leggings (for the ladies)

2 x Casual shorts

2 x Athletic shorts

3 x Casual t-shirts/tank tops - don't be afraid to pack more of these, and less athletic tee's if you know you won't be doing many demanding activities

3 x Athletic t-shirts/tank tops

1 x Athletic long Sleeve

1 x Collared Shirt/shirt for eating out/dressing up

1 x Sweater - make sure this is versatile and breathable if possible, it can get quite cold overnight

1 x Light Waterproof jacket - for all those crazy storms you will probably experience

10 x Socks

10 x Underwear

1 x Hat - to keep the sun off your head

1 x Belt

1 x Pyjamas

2 x Bathing suit - did I mention that you'll most likely be at the beach A LOT?!

TIP: If you know you will be going when it's cooler throughout the country (or if you are going to be along the Southern coast line), bring a couple pairs of warmer pants and an extra sweater, omit some of the warm weather clothes. If you plan on partaking in any hikes, make sure to pick up a pair of hiking socks that are sweat-wicking these will keep blisters at bay.

Female Specific Clothing:

2 x Sports bra

1 x Romper/dress

2 x Tank tops

2 x Casual bras

* Make sure that you pack some cute jewellery if you need/want to!


Make sure that you pack any additional electronics that you plan on bringing such as, Ipad, laptop and the applicable chargers.

1 x Phone charger

1 x Electric plug adapter

1 x Camera, additional SD card and batteries/charger

1 x Headphones

1 x Cellphone

1 x External battery - you may not be able to charge your device very often. Make sure that you bring one of these to ensure your camera stays charged!


1 x Deodorant

1 x Face wash

1 x Moisturizer (face and body)

1 x Sunscreen

1 x Hand sanitizer

1 x Toothbrush

1 x Toothpaste - Try these toothpaste tablets!

1 x Soap bar

1 x Shampoo/Conditioner - try the shampoo and conditioner bars from Lush!

1 x Razor - only bring this if you are planning on checking your bags!

1 x Floss

1 x Nail clippers

1 x Toilet paper - yea, bring some you never know

1 x Chapstick

1 x Stain remover pen - think Tide to Go, keep your clothes clean for as long as you can!

TIP: Make sure that EVERYTHING in this section is in bottles less than 100mL, it makes customs and security way easier to navigate! Try to find a local store that has non-liquid versions of shampoo, soap and toothpaste, it'll save room and weight in your bag.

Female Specific Hygiene:

1 x Tampons/Pads/Menstrual Cup

1 x Nail file

1 x Hairbrush

1 x Pocket mirror

1 x Nail polish - gotta keep those toes looking beach ready right?

1 x Makeup Remover Wipes

5 x Hair elastics and bobby pins - You may find MANY surprising uses for these while on your trip.

1 x Dry shampoo

Makeup - Girl, bring enough to keep you feeling fresh, but not enough to overdo it, you know? Make sure that you bring some waterproof mascara because, beach days right?


1 x Reusable water bottle

1 x Camelback or water bladder - most hostels and restaurants have filtered water, it'll save you from spending money on bottled water.

2 x Electrolyte tablets - We prefer Nuun tablets (use code TRYNUUN30 for 30% off your first purchase!)

20 x Protein bars

TIP: Pack a few extra non-perishable snacks with you, (think protein bars, crackers, and trail mix) and always make sure that you have a lot of drinkable water on hand. These will get you through times when you just can't find anything suitable to eat - small towns and long stretches of highways. The country is very large. If you end up in a smaller town you will end up paying a fortune for these items, so be prepared. If you are planning a budget trip, you can find more tips here!


1 x Advil, or anti-inflammatory

1 x Motion sickness medication

1 x Package of water purification tablets - when travelling through deserted highways between big cities, the water is often not potable, be prepared!

1 x Travellers diarrhea medication - you never know.

1 x Bottle of melatonin - another remedy to help with the inevitable jet lag you will most definitely experience.

1 x Package of bandaids - assorted sizes is best

1 x Earplugs

1 x Bottle of bug spray - this is something that you will be able to pick up after you land if you don't have it on hand.

1 x Antibiotic cream

1 x Birth control, or Natural Cycles

TIP: If you have any special medications and vitamins, make sure that you bring them in their original bottle, you may get asked about these at customs. Also, make sure you bring a few extras with you!


1 x Glasses or Contacts (if needed)

1 x Glasses cleaner and contact solutions

1 x Copy of important documents and ID- Print these out on paper and take a photo of them kept your phone.

5 x Ziplock bags, various sizes

1 x Small-packing reusable bag - In case you need extra room, or want to grab some extra groceries

1 x Compression bag - This makes it easy to compress your bulky clothes!

1 x Turkish towel - Saves space and keeps your bag light. Much bigger than the typical microfibre towels and dries a lot quicker. Buy Now on Amazon!

1 x Copy of all hotel reservations, no need to waste paper, just screenshot them on your phone before take off

1 x Luggage lock

1 x Sunglasses

3 x Carabeeners - These work great for clipping wet flip flops onto your backpack.

1 x Pen and Paper - Used for notes or journaling and remembering people you've met.

1 x Book

2 x Safety pins - Safety pins can be used to fix/mend broken garments, extra enclosure on a backpack if needed.

TIP: It's always a good idea to bring at least $100 worth of cash in the currency of the country you are visiting. This will be good for those odd places you stumble upon that don't accept payments by cards. You'll also be able to reduce ATM and exchange fees this way.

Reminder: If you do happen to forget anything, or if you realize you need something not mentioned, you can always find these things while on route. SO don't panic! Australia is a very large country with a lot to see and do. Make sure you are prepared for everything. Your trip will be unique to you, so if you know you are going to need more specific items, then prepare accordingly.

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