Wicked Peanut Soup in 30 Minutes

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

Spicy, creamy and healthy at the same time. A step-by-step on how to make the most amazing soup you'll ever try... you'll forget it's vegan!

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Yup peanut soup is an actual thing! This is seriously the most amazing soup that I have ever tried making, EVER! This is our go-to meal when we have non-plant based family or friends over for dinner. So many people we have introduced this to have made it a staple meal in their homes, and we really hope that you do too!

Winter is the perfect time to have a nice thick, creamy bowl of soup. This soup will give your immune system a boost with all the garlic and ginger added. It also provides you with a generous serving of greens!

It's easy to make, so if you're staying somewhere with a kitchen you can make a big batch of this soup and leave it in the fridge as leftovers for the next couple of days! Meal prepping while on the go has never been easier!

Try making this soup your own - switch it up a bit, play around with the ingredients, you know? Have it without the diced tomatoes and sweet potatoes if you like. If you want something a little more chunky and hearty add in those sweet potatoes. You can also bake some tofu and have that as a topping/add-in as well to give the soup a boost of protein.

Servings: 6

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 20 minutes


6 cups vegetable broth

1 onion, finely diced

4 cloves of garlic, diced

1 heaping tablespoon of fresh ginger, minced

½ tsp paprika

½ tsp chili flakes

1 bunch collard greens, chopped into bite sized pieces, remove stems

1 cup natural peanut butter

1 small can tomato paste

Salt and pepper

1-2 fresh tomatoes, diced (optional)

1 large sweet potato, baked and diced (optional)

6 cups cooked rice, for serving (we always opt for brown basmati, but anything works well for this!)


Green onion

Chili flakes

Hot sauce

Chopped peanuts


• Place the broth, onion, garlic, ginger and spices into a large pot, and bring to a boil.

Let simmer 10-15 minutes.

• In a separate dish, mix the peanut butter with the tomato paste until well combined, pour into broth, and stir well. It may take several minutes for the peanut butter mixture to stop clumping, and for the entire soup to look the same texture, just keep stirring it up.

• When the mixture looks delicious and creamy adjust the taste with more spices, salt and pepper if needed.

• Add the greens (and optional ingredients, if using) and turn off heat.

• Once the greens have wilted (3-5 minutes), pour the hot soup over a bowl of rice and add desired toppings.

And finally, demolish this mouthwatering soup! Be sure to comment, like and share this recipe.

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