An Adventure North of Muskoka: Screaming Heads

Updated: Sep 26, 2018

An enchanting and artistic haven just north of Muskoka.

Nestled in a quiet town just north of Huntsville, Screaming Heads is home to a local artist who crafts his massive creations out of concrete and rebar. Burk's Falls artist Peter Camani, has turned his vast property into a unique area that is free of charge for all visitors. His artwork is world famous and can be found in Buckingham Palace, The Vatican and other locations around the globe. If you are ever in the area, it's worth a day trip!

We heard about this masterpiece from friends who had recently visited, and felt the urge to go. On a sunny hot day we decided to pack a lunch and walk around the property, which features tons of 'screaming heads' that range from 1ft to 12ft in height.

When you arrive, you'll see the sculptures scattered among a giant field you will be greeted with sights of the artist's unique castle-like home. The property is well-kept and family-friendly. Don't miss exploring all of the walkways around the area, you will find some interesting pieces anywhere you go. For an added bonus, walk across the road to see sculptures of an entirely new design.

If you are lucky, you might run into Mr. Camani himself while you explore this magical place. He can often be found conversing with guests, and landscaping the property.

Click the map below for directions to Screaming Heads!




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