The Sustainable Vegan Chocolate Company That You Never Heard Of

Updated: Sep 27, 2018

This company has a wide variety of chocolate flavours, all of which are vegan. We love this company not only for that, but also because it is environmentally and socially conscious, a great choice for die-hard chocolate fans.

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We were introduced to Chocosol at the Muskoka Vegfest we visited. We could not be more impressed with this company. Being chocolate and all, you can certainly bet that I spent quite a bit of time & money at that booth. The specialist working was incredibly well-informed and friendly to boot. He let us try any flavour we wished and was incredibly generous with sample sizes.

We left with our tummies, and backpack full of some delicious chocolate treats, and all while knowing that their method of sequestering the cocoa beans is sustainable, and socially significant.

*We are not affiliated with Chocosol - we just love to share quality and responsibly sourced products!

Chocosol is a social enterprise which focuses on making the 'Food of Gods' as traditionally as possible. All of their cocoa is stone ground and roasted using solar power. After production, their products are wrapped in compostable, and reusable packaging. They really HAVE thought of everything.

The company practices horizontal trade, meaning they have developed trade relationships that are built on mutual understanding, and friendship. Horizontal trade is about being well rooted in a local place, as well as having close connections to other groups in that same area. It also seeks to cultivate the earth using the best practices, at the same time as initiating a regeneration of the local soils.

In a sense, Chocosol fosters relationships with Indigenous farmers that go beyond the mere exchange of commodities. These trade relationships extend to the exchange of reciprocity, regeneration of the natural environment and friendship between the two parties.

The way that Chocosol sources their product amazes me. It is an incredibly responsible way to conduct business and they seem to be one of the leaders in sustainable trade practices. Having the honour to support such a compassionate, understanding business brings us great joy. We will certainly continue to support this company for all of our chocolate needs, and we sincerely hope that other businesses can look up to them, and change their trade practices.

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