Package-Free Laundry Hacks

Updated: Sep 26, 2018

The most environmentally friendly way to get laundry done, with little waste, and no single-use plastic.

We have compiled a list of tried and true zero-waste laundry products that will eliminate modern laundering methods and produce less waste in your household. We are taking you back to basics with these laundry hacks! If you follow the tips in this post, your laundry will be smelling great, your whites will be super bright, and your wallet will be full - talk about plant-based power!

Reusable dryer balls, cotton drawstring bags, lavender buds and soap berries!

Laundry Soap/ Fabric Softener

Soap Berries - AKA soap nuts, do exactly what you think they'd do. They will replace liquid washing detergents and fabric softeners. Soap berries are a naturally growing berry found on trees in the Himalayas and parts of India. Pesticides do no need to be used on these trees during cultivation, so you don't need to worry about harsh chemicals being used to clean your laundry. Don't try to eat them though because trust me, they actually taste like soap. Soap berries create a natural soap saponin, which is antimicrobial. Saponin is safe for babies, pets and those of us with sensitive skin.

These berries are completely biodegradable and make a great addition to your compost once they can no longer be used for laundry.

You can find soap berries at many bulk stores, or specialty health stores. They are also available on our Amazon page.

How to use: Simply place 5-6 berries in an old sock or a cloth bag. If you wash your clothes in cold water, you'll notice the berries work best if soaked in a bowl of hot water for 5 minutes before use. Simply throw the entire sock into hot water and then dump the entire bowl (sock and water) into your wash.

You can use the berries multiple times, depending on load size, and how dirty the clothes are. Typically we use our until they start turning grey, and shrivel up.

Fun Fact: you can also use these berries to wash dishes and hair as well.

Stain Remover/Odour Eliminator

Borax - A naturally occurring mineral that works as a stain removing and colour brightening powder. It can be added to any load of laundry in combination with the soap berries for a deeper, more powerful clean. We add Borax to every load of whites, in order to keep them clean and bright.

How to use: The amount of borax you need to add, again will depend on load size, and how soiled the clothes are. Add between 1/2- 1 cup per load, pour into your regular wash cycle.

BONUS: Borax will also help to diminish and eliminate odours on clothing such as gym clothes.

Dryer Sheets

Dryer Balls help to eliminate static, and allow dust and hair to be separated from clothing. They can be used for years and years and will continue to work incredibly well.

You will notice that there are many different materials that dryer balls can be made from. We bought a set of plastic ones years back and have never needed to replace them at all.

If you are trying to eliminate plastic products, you can find dryer balls made from natural materials, such as wool and silicone, too!

How to use: Simply throw these into the dryer and hit the start button.

Fresh Scent

Lavender Flowers - Toss these in a cloth bag or old sock. They will add a heavenly fresh scent to all of your laundry.

How to use: Add about 1/4 cup of dried flowers to the bag/sock, and make sure it's closed well. Throw the bag into the dryer along with your dryer balls and dry as usual.

Let us know if you have tried these tips and tell us how they worked for you! Tag us on social media if you have more tips about package-free laundry! If you want more zero-waste household hacks, check out our DIY Citrus Cleaner




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